Your First Visit

Your First Visit | Wyckoff Chiropractic and Wellness | Poconos Chiropractor
In preparing for your first visit to Dr. Wyckoff’s office, please make sure to bring photo ID and your insurance card. If you have recent imaging or bloodwork results related to your visit, please bring a copy with you to your first visit.

After you complete your intake forms, Dr. Wyckoff will review the paperwork with you, explain informed consent and privacy practices to you, and conduct an exam to evaluate your condition. The exam consists of basic vital signs, height and weight measurements, reflexes, orthopedic and neurological tests. Following the exam, Dr. Wyckoff will report his findings to you and determine if an adjustment is appropriate on the initial visit. If an adjustment is not indicated, there are other therapies offered that may be better suited for palliative care on the first visit. If additional testing or imaging is necessary, Dr. Wyckoff will discuss the options with you and prescribe the appropriate tests. 

Click here to submit your new patient forms before your first visit. This will speed up the intake process and save you time.